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I’m not that much into social media. If you are at FACEBOOK, MYSPACE or TWITTER you can like, add or follow me.
Well, those accounts are just applied for being existent out there in digital zombieland…


One of my Telecasters® is equipped with Shed Esquire and Prairie Dog pickups and they are flat-out gorgeous. Shed just makes the best vintage-voiced pickups.

I use sommer cables since 1996. I’ve visited their company twice and believe me, they know what they are doing! Give the SC-Spirit XXL a try. German engineering at its best. Seriously.

This is where I get my PCBs and nameplates from. Very good craftsmanship and absolutely fair prices. It’s a family business managed by father and son and both became friends of mine. Heinz and Rene, without your work I’d be in serious trouble!

Another exquisite company. I’ve got their Nailbomb, Rebel Yell, Warpig and Stormy Monday humbuckers and love everything about them.

I totally adore those amps. No matter what you put in front of it, it just sounds so right. My main amp is a 50w 6L6 powered “Defender 112” and I also own its little brother, “The Contender” (unfortunately discontinued). My latest acquisition is the Defender V15, a 10″ tube combo I use for late night sessions and recording. Dark horses…

These straps from Long Beach are truly outstanding! They are handmade out of the coolest auto, couch and marine upholstery vinyl and other vegan material by a handful of really nice people and a crazy parrot.
One of my personal favourites is the Vintage Black Cadillac Hard-Top Racer X and my girlfriend wears The Couch Cat Guitar Strap In All White.


Telecaster® is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.  AEREOCROW has no affiliation with this company and names are used only for descriptive purposes.

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