“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
Thomas Alva Edison

As an IPC certified quality manager for electronic products my day job is to check assembled circuit boards for medical and scientific equipment using different microscopes and “Mr Bones”, my beloved x-ray machine. I can tell you, today hardly anyone is trying to build things that should work forever, what really gets me angry sometimes. I just don’t like the plastic-addicted throwaway society, but that’s a different story.
It must have been in 2005 when I had the idea of building my own guitar stompboxes the way it was made back in the good old days of love, peace and lava lamps: sturdy and mind-expanding. Sweet Euphoria…
I’ve soon figured out that know-how, hypothetical rules and classic engineering were just the beginning. It took several years of trial and error, excessive listening tests, countless nights of brooding and last but not least a huge pile of NOS and modern components to choose from to finish the prototypes. Not to mention the never-ending search for parts, tools and reliable suppliers.
Well, the results are absolutely worth the pot belly that secretly grew under my workbench and I am pretty darn proud of manufacturing the finest stompboxes for weirdos in shabby rehearsal rooms, touring musicians, recording geeks and other daily tone seekers.
AEREOCROW is my baby, my passion, a journey through the spheres of tone. The fact that these little monsters are entirely handmade makes the production pretty time-consuming and because it’s not my day job, only 1 pedal a month will be made.
Wait a second! Only one? Really? Yes, that’s what I can offer at the moment.
You are welcome to browse the pedals, read the FAQ, SEND A MAIL or just enjoy the MEDIA.



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